The Black Problem (updated)

The Black Problem (updated)

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1. Anon:Sep 1, 2022 6:53 AM


The blacks are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the jews have their back.

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers, nor will we allow ourselves to be governed by those who do not represent our interests.


I strongly suggest you view, learn and *share* the document available here: or (HTML format, website)(download mirrors)(recommended) (PDF format, 48 MB)(recommended) (DOC format, 102 MB)

(67 pages with infographics, lulz, and more)


The jews own the governments and media in the west.

The jews use their power to pass anti-white laws, run anti-white media, censor black crimes and intensely promote miscegenation, LGBT and “diversity.”

We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments.

The nigger problem (crime & welfare & affirmative action & forced diversity) must be brought to everyone’s attention until it is fixed.

Whites are being punished for acting too civilized and not fighting back.

Anti-racism and “diversity” must be abolished.

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